What America’s Car Mart Used Car Dealerships Are All About

You need not look any further than America’s Car-Mart if you want a used car that’s dependable as well as affordable. This company has recognized the need of people like you who wish to enjoy the benefits of having a new car but can’t do so because of bad credit or lack of money. Although the best they can give you is a pre-owned vehicle, you can be sure it won’t let you down while you’re on the road.

Company Background

America’s Car-Mart brands itself as a provider of affordable cars of good quality to hardworking people. The company understands how important it is even for people with relatively little money or with histories of bad credit to have their own cars to make their traveling more convenient. Customers have been and always will be top priority in the minds of Car-Mart employees so you don’t have to worry about getting less than what you pay for.

Car-Mart came into existence in 1981 when its very first company store was opened in the small suburban city of Rogers, Arkansas. The company has greatly expanded since then and there are currently 116 individual dealerships across Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Although Car Mart USA dealerships are located only in these states, the company is proud of having served no less than 50,000 customers over the last three decades. Some of those customers are repeat customers because they trust Car-Mart so much that it is their logical choice for the second or even third cars they buy.

How Car Mart’s Financing System Works

America’s Car MartAmerica’s Car-Mart takes the buy here pay here model to a whole new level by providing in house financing for customers, especially those whose credit histories have quite a number of red flags. Each dealership is a finance company and a car lot rolled into one so you need not go to any other place for everything having to do with getting yourself a car. You’ll be happy to know that the Car-Mart people who will sell you any of the cars in their lot are the same people who can loan you the money to buy the car that is most appropriate for your needs. All you have to do is pay them on time.

Reduced down payments are available on all cheap used cars presently in stock and flexible financing allows you to arrange with your local dealer a payment plan that takes your budget into account. A layaway plan gives you 6 weeks to place your money down if you’re a bit short on cash at the beginning of the term though this is not implemented in all Car-Mart dealerships. With the exception of its Texas dealerships which will accept only other motor vehicles, Car-Mart won’t hesitate to trade for anything of value which means you can place a household appliance, a personal electronic gadget, or even a farm animal as down payment for your car of choice.

Why Car Mart?

Many Car Mart reviews attest to the excellent service the company provides from the moment their customers first walk through the doors of their dealerships. When you choose Car-Mart, your every concern will be addressed by courteous and helpful sales, financing, and technical people who only want you to be happy. Financing can be arranged on the same day even if your credit history has more downs than ups which means you can end your very first visit to your local Car-Mart dealership by going home with the car that’s right for you provided, of course, that it’s already in the lot.

Car-Mart offers warranties of 5 months or 5,500 miles, termed by the company as Buyer’s Protection Plans, for each car they sell. There is even a debt cancellation agreement known as a Payment Protection Plan which guarantees you won’t owe Car-Mart anything if your car ends up totaled or stolen, although this is not offered in Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas. Their after-sales service is a lot better than less-than-reputable “buy here pay here” dealerships that may not care much about what happens to you or your car after you get on the road.

America’s Car-Mart is your one-stop used car dealership because everything you need from the car to the loan that will pay for it falls under one roof. Keep an open mind, though, and research your alternative. It may take some time before you find the right car at the right price, amongst the options available to you.

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