JD Byrider Used Car Dealerships – A General Guide

jd byriderJD Byrider used car dealerships are just some of the means of ensuring car ownership for you even if you don’t have enough money or are suffering from the effects of a poor credit standing. Such financial dilemmas could prevent you from buying a new car, but JD Byrider can help you gain access to motor vehicles that are reliable enough on the road.

Company Background

JD Byrider was originally established in 1989 as a means of helping small-scale car dealers achieve growth in their respective geographical areas. The parent company was to provide the expertise while the dealers took care of everything else, particularly the capital, the personnel, and the merchandise.

The company has since evolved into one that also guarantees more affordable options for customers whose budget and credit standing prevent them from buying the newest and most capable motor vehicles by way of banks and other conventional financial institutions. Although JD Byrider was bought by the San Francisco-based private equity firm Altamont Capital Partners in May 2011, it continues to live up to its mission of providing tremendous value for people’s money.

There are presently 138 JD Byrider Used Car Dealerships across the country, of which 20 are company-owned and the remaining dealerships are all franchises. Most of the dealerships are situated east of the Mississippi River. The company continues to be headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, but JD Byrider locations elsewhere include: Houston and Waco in Texas; Columbus and Dayton in Ohio; Las Vegas; Tampa; and Oak Lawn and Wood River in Illinois.

More than 900,000 cars have been sold by JD Byrider since its establishment with an estimated 4,300 cars sold every month in spite of dealerships being only in select states.

How JD Byrider’s Financing System Works

JD Byrider used car dealershipsJD Byrider provides financing for customers short on cash or with bad credit by helping them identify cars that will best suit their needs and can be adequately covered by their monthly budgets. Financing and loan collection is handled by sister business Car Now Acceptance Company which is the closest thing that JD Byrider has to an in-house bank. CNAC can grant you a loan and recommend a payment plan you can easily fulfill in light of your present financial standing.

The “buy here pay here” model applies to every one of the 138 JD Byrider car dealers, but it tries to distinguish itself from other buy here pay here car lots through offering various programs and features for their customers. JD Byrider is dedicated not only to helping their customers get their own cars, they also work towards giving their customers a clean credit slate through reasonable terms. Although not all customers manage to qualify for loans granted by CNAC to buy any of the JD Byrider cars for sale, the company continues to place more trust in customers in order to create permanent business relationships that will benefit everyone.

Why JD Byrider?

According to their website, JD Byrider vehicles have passed the strictest standards and are therefore safe for driving on the open road. The company also offers limited warranties though the coverage of each will depend on the dealer. In any case, it strives to be different and better than typical buy here pay here dealers. JD Byrider dealers say they strive to secure your long-term satisfaction by making the necessary assistance available to you even after months have passed since you took your car home from the lot.

However, even as JD Byrider prides itself on guaranteeing value for all its customers, it has not been spared from negative feedback. Some of the JD Byrider reviews found online point to the failure of the company’s dealerships to ensure that value. Common complaints include: cars being repossessed without prior warning and even with on-time payments; the numerous mechanical problems that manifest themselves soon after the cars are brought home from the lots; and refusal by some dealers to stick to the terms stipulated in existing warranties.

In any case, JD Byrider’s ears are always open to whatever their customers have to say. The company and its dealers have a code of standards that place the good of the customers above everything else. Their ultimate goal is to continually make customers aware of how important they are whenever they see the JD Byrider name and logo.

JD Byrider used car dealerships may help put to rest any doubts you may have in buying a pre-owned car, but it still pays to be vigilant. Take a look at offers from various dealerships and compare. Greater discernment on your part will guarantee you get the most worthwhile option among the ones available to you.

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