Drive Time Used Car Dealerships

You can count on Drive Time used car dealerships when you want to buy a used car that is cheap yet reliable. If you’re unable to spend a whole lot of money on a car or if your credit history prevents you from becoming eligible for a conventional car loan, the company virtually guarantees you the ability to drive off with a car.

Company Background

Drive Time used car dealerships is America’s leading provider of assistance for individuals looking for good car deals in spite of their current financial circumstances (which are otherwise debilitating). The company’s goal is to give people with little money or bad credit the same courteous treatment afforded to customers of premium car dealerships. Premium dealerships will quickly and unceremoniously send you on your way once they determine you can’t afford what they sell, but Drive Time will happily welcome you and provide you with solutions aimed at helping you get the car you need.

More than half a million vehicles have been sold and thousands more are presently available in the various nationwide dealerships. Although their headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona, they have 89 individual dealerships in 17 states from East to West. Dealerships are located in Las Vegas, Denver, Orlando, Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Tulsa, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston to name the most popular cities. Simply visit the company website and use the Dealership Locator to determine where you can avail of Drive Time Auto Sales near you.

How Drive Time’s Financing System Works

Drive time buy here pay hereYou will find used cars for sale based on the buy here pay here model of in house company financing being implemented in their dealerships. Buy here pay here vehicle financing programs like those offered by DriveTime works well for customers who have insufficient funds or a less than ideal credit history. When you visit any of the 89 Drive Time Used Car Dealerships, you are also, in effect, visiting a bank that can grant you a loan. You thus spare yourself the hassle of having an outside bank review your loan application and ask you too many questions only to turn you down in the end.

In-house auto financing experts are available to assist you in analyzing your present and future financial status and they can also determine a payment scheme proportional with your budget. Their goal, after all, is to make car ownership more affordable for you, not turn you away simply because you’re not as rich as they would want you to be. You can even avail of the Rate Advantage program wherein you have the option of paying additional money down during the first 30 days. Providing the recommended increased down payment amount means you will be charged a lower interest rate for the rest of the term.

Why Drive Time?

There are other incentives for loyal customers. Prompt payments can make you eligible for a vehicle upgrade for little or even no down payment, an assured $1,000 rebate off the price, and a reduced interest rate. Whenever a family member, relative, friend, neighbor, or coworker buys a car from your local Drive Time dealership by way of your referral, you will earn a $200 discount. The Military Merit program provides a discounted down payment option as the company’s own way of expressing gratitude for the serving men and women of the US Armed Forces, including those with bad credit.

Buying Drive Time cars also makes you eligible for a wide range of after-sales services you won’t enjoy from any other used car dealership. Although the price of each used car is non-negotiable, it includes the DriveCare Package which provides a limited warranty good for 36 months or 36,000 miles. You can avail of free replacement of selected parts, complimentary changes of oil and other fluids, 24/7 roadside assistance (for problems like misplaced keys, tire and battery replacement, etc.), and servicing through any of over 190 approved warranty vendors nationwide. Even if you’ve always had doubts about buying used cars, DriveCare can let you rest easy by providing service about the same as that of a premium dealership.

Buying a used car has traditionally been regarded as a risky move for anyone because the car won’t be in the same good condition as before. This problem is complicated further by used car lots that take advantage of people who have run out of options mainly because they can’t afford anything newer and more capable.

Drive Time can help you avoid all that by exploring every possibility available to you, but you should still consider your options carefully instead of jumping at the first one that comes across even if all the cars in stock have undergone and passed the most thorough inspections.

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